What are the problems in IQ test?

Generally speaking, the problems that are usually found in IQ test are:

1. Cultural bias.

IQ test measure success according to the criteria of a particular culture. Other culture may have very different definitions of intelligence. It has proved to be really difficult to make questions which are free from cultural bias.


2. Motivation.

People will do better on tests if they understand their purpose in taking the test. For example, if a student is applying for a scholarship and her IQ is being tested by the examiners, of course she’d make her best effort so that she could get that scholarship.


3. Familiarity with test materials.

Don’t you think that IQ scores improve if the person has some experience of taking test? Sure it does! The type of questions asked in IQ tests are fairly familiar to people in some countries and might be confusing for people from some other countries.


What about taking IQ test online?


While browsing about this question, I found an interesting answer from a woman, who is a psychologist. Here’s her answer:

“I’m a psychologist who gives IQ (and other kinds of tests) for a living, and I’m glad to see that so many people understand that IQ tests are invalid compared to the “real” ones.

‘Real’ psychological tests take years to develop while online tests cannot be admitted into court, or get you into a school, or get you into any kind of disability program.

Similar to the SAT, IQ tests need to be given under “standardized” conditions (which means the same conditions for everyone) – that’s why you cannot take the SAT by computer at home.

If you read the small print on online tests, then you will see the words “for entertainment purposes only.”

Interesting, isn’t it? And I think she’s right in some way.. Need not to go through a lot of experts’ complicated debates about it, let’s just prove it yourself!




Above are some links to take free online IQ test. Interestingly, when I typed “free IQ test” in Google, 3.470.000 links popped up! Now, for you who have taken the ‘real’ IQ test, you can compare your result with the one that you take via online and let’s see the result!

In my opinion, I don’t think that it’s really accurate 🙂


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