Nature and Nurture Debate About Intelligence

As some of you well may know, Nature means what’s occuring naturally, usually from our parents’ genes. While when we’re talking about Nurture, it means it’s affected by our surroundings or environment. Nature vs Nurture debate in psychology is endless. Nevertheless, It is always good to know more about the evidences in favour of both sides 🙂

There are a number of research methods that have been used to investigate the relative importance of genes and environment in the development of intelligence:

  • Twin and family studies


  • Genetic studies


  • Enrichment Studies

enrichment studies

    We won’t go through this in really details but if you want to study about it further (especially for you who are taking A level), you can may check out this link:

    Now, let’s just talk about nature and nurture in a more simple examples so that everybody would understand this easily..

    For example, a boy named Joe is an intelligent person. His IQ is above the average. It is also known that his parents are intelligent as well. When he was a little kid, his parents gave him a lot of colorful fun games and books about animals, numbers and so on. So what do you think about his intelligence? Is it mostly affected by his parents genes or because of the facilities he got in his crucial developmental age?

    In general, the research above does not come down entirely in favour of nature or nurture, but appears to suggest that intelligence is due to interactions between genetic factors and the environment. Genes may give a person an advantage when it comes to the development of intelligence; however, a nurturant environment is necessary for that person to utilize that advantage.


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